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Puffy eyes and dark circles are not only beauty, but also a health issue. If you often wake up with swollen eyes and dark circles around them the problem is fluid retention in your body. Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim F. from Rochester University Medical Center for “The Huffington Post” explained that the skin of the eyelids is the thinnest. As result you can see any changes in the hydration of the body in that area. How exactly sleep affects fluid retention is not known.

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Thyroid Dysfunction and Treatment

by Kelly Brogan, MD So, what got me so into Functional Medicine? About 9 months after the birth of my first daughter, I was 7.5 months back to work at the hospital and in my private practice. I was long back to my prepregnancy weight and loving motherhood, but I locked myself out of my office on several occasions, and had to, more than once, mail a cab driver a check because of a forgotten wallet (compassionate souls). One day, I stood at an ATM, at a total loss for…

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